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Year Planner

Change your life! You can immediately start improving life by better managing your time. Time management is easy for a day or two, but how do you plan for the next month, or the next year? For that you need a year planner.

After scouring the web for a good year planner that I liked, I created my own, in the form of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It has months in columns, and the days of the week in rows, allowing you to see your year in advance. With a simple "copy and paste" of the months, you can extend your year planner into a multi-year planner.

Niel Malan Year Planner screenshot

I offer this Excel spreadsheet for sale at the price of USD 1.00.

How it works: You can download the year planner, and see how it works for you. You can change the formatting, and make a printout of it. Add colour! The catch is that the sheets are locked, and that you can only change the year if you have a password.

Download the Niel Malan Year Planner

Once you have downloaded the year planner, you can buy it, using PayPal. I will send you an email with the password as soon as I receive the confirmation from PayPal.

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