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My tour

I've been on a world tour. I left on the 13th of April 2001, and returned on the 16th of June 2001, and in that time I visited Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada, the USA and the UK.

I flew 41 300 km. I travelled by motor-car, train, tram, bus, bicycle (tandem and ordinary), taxi, ferry and funicular. I experienced snow and brutal heat and humidity. I survived two general elections.

I kept an on-line journal.

I've compiled a list of travel tips.

Date Time City Flight number
Friday 13 April 1845 Depart Johannesburg KL594
Saturday 14 April 0535 Arrive Amsterdam
Saturday 14 April 0700 Depart Amsterdam KL1853
Saturday 14 April 0750 Arrive Düsseldorf
European tour
Friday 11 May 0830 Depart Düsseldorf KL1854
Friday 11 May 0925 Arrive Amsterdam
Friday 11 May 1135 Depart Amsterdam KL6035
Friday 11 May 1400 Arrive Washington Dulles
Visited the museums and monuments in the US capital.
Tuesday 15 May 0635 Depart Washington National NW561
Tuesday 15 May 0815 Arrive Minneapolis St Paul
Tuesday 15 May 0920 Depart Minneapolis St Paul NW1763
Tuesday 15 May 1101 Arrive Vancouver BC
Explored the Pacific Northwest
Oops! Missed these flights. Actually traveled a day later
Wednesday 30 May. 0120 Depart Seattle Tacoma NW586
Wednesday 30 May 0815 Arrive Minneapolis St Paul
Wednesday 30 May 0930 Depart Minneapolis St Paul NW1435
Wednesday 30 May 1218 Arrive Austin Tx
Experienced the Lone Star State
Monday 04 June 1810 Depart Austin Tx KL5709
Monday 04 June 1951 Arrive Memphis
Monday 04 June 2035 Depart Memphis KL626
Tuesday 05 June 1215 Arrive Amsterdam
Tuesday 05 June 1400 Depart Amsterdam KL2047
Tuesday 05 June 1402 Arrive Birmingham UK
Splashed around the soggy island.
Friday 15 June 1500 Depart Birmingham UK KL2048
Friday 15 June 1710 Arrive Amsterdam
Friday 15 June 2100 Depart Amsterdam KL593
Saturday 15 June 0740 Arrive Johannesburg
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