I've been fortunate enough to have been chosen to work in Antarctica. My stay was from December 1998 until February 2000.

I drove skidoos, bulldozers and tractors, flew in helicopters, directed cranes, bathed in snow, had my hair freeze after a sauna, walked with crampons, repaired equipment, cooked breakfast for 80 people, faced wind of 120 km/h, weathered a storm of 213 km/h, saw penguins, visited an ice cave, went down a crevasse, met Indians, Russians, Norwegians, Swedes, Germans, Belgians and Americans, talked by radio to ships and helicopters, wrote many monthly reports, saw the Aurora Australis, heard a glacier, broke down an antenna, built an antenna, dug lots of snow, saw the midnight sun, saw the moon at noon, did a bumslide, saw icebergs floating next to a volcano.

It was the experience of a lifetime, and not a day passes that I do not long for the clean, freezing air, the hard and honest work, the endless views and the good companionship that I got to know.

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