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Who I am:

Read on and find out!

What I do:

I am a scientist. I make measurements and ensure its quality.

Official NaNoWriMo 2006 Winner

Why this home page?

Where I live:

In Bronkhorstspruit, on the eastern side of Gauteng province, in South Africa.

My favourite quotes and most-hated misquotes:

Sometimes someone can say a very meaningful thing in a very few words. I have here a list of some of my favourite quotations.

Sometimes people are quoted on things they never said. Here's some groundless quotes and misquotes, debunked in this USA Today article:

About these pages:

Hand-crafted HTML and CSS, using the editor at hand, including vi, TextPad, Notepad and MS Word. Portions of the HTML was cleaned up with HTML Tidy by Dave Ragett. This is a nifty tool that tells you where your HTML is non-standard, corrects it, and gives you pretty-printed source!

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I'd like to have all my pages with a consistent style, but these pages were made at different times for different reasons, so there is considerable variation. I've tried to keep the navigation consistent.

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