I've been formally active in Science and Technology since 1990. My highest qualification is an MSc, obtained by research in the area of automated electrochemical analysis. My core skills are computer related, and I've written useful software in IDL, C, and QBasic. I'm a Unix expert and have had a personal web page since 1997.

I see myself as a scientist that is able to invent, design and implement unique solutions to technical problems, and able to contribute significantly to teams involved in this. My computer skills are backed by training in the discrete mathematics involved. I enjoyed my previous experiences in project management, and look forward to development in this area.

In addition to my technical experience, I have also had a rich experience in working with people. During my time in the military I ran a coffee bar, an alchol-free recreational facility for all ranks. At university twice served as class representative. After this I spent a winter in Antarctica as member of a research team of ten.

My previous job was that of Radio/Computer Operator for Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions, the only tourism operator to the Antarctic interior.

I am currently a full-time PhD student at the University of Pretoria.

I have been involved in the following projects:

Communications and IT support for Antarctic tourism company.
In addition to routine work, wrote software for display of data from remote automatic weather stations with, including a browser display.
Starting a mailing list for users of IDL.
Porting a calculation system from DEC Alpha to SPARC.
Reduced calculation time for tomographic inversion from 15 minutes to 90 seconds
Automation and user interface for ionospheric tomography system.
Replaced command-line based interface with graphical user interface.
Installation of a ionospheric tomography receiver on the north coast of Scotland.
Prepared and tested equipment, planned journey, installed and tested equipment.
PC-based intruder alert system.
Programmed parallel port inputs and outputs and graphical display.
Designed and implemented a neutron monitor data system, consisting of:
  • Serial port communications with instruments
  • GPS timing using NMEA sentences and Network Time Protocol
  • Using cellular (GSM) technology to link remote stations
  • Investigated the possibilities of satellite communication with remote stations
In Antarctica:
Installation of a large antenna array
Played a leading role in implementation.
Disassembly of a large antenna array
Project planning, execution and management
Design of experiment for antenna array maintenance
Experiment design, recordkeeping and analysis
Navigation for Antarctic field trip
Map selection, GPS receiver programming, report.
Installation of ultrasonic anemometer
Assistance with implementation
Determining an antenna radiation pattern using a helicopter-mounted transmitter
Wrote pressure-altitude recording program and manned ground equipment.
MSc Dissertation
  • Non-linear calibration of arrays of electrodes
  • Simplex optimization
  • The use of ion-selective electrodes in flowing solutions
  • High input-impedance amplifiers

Contact Information

PO Box 503
South Africa
Tel +27 13 935 1470
Fax +27 13 935 1470
Mobile +27 82 057 4931
E-mail : niel.malan@scidat.co.za


Radio Operator (20th October 2004 - 20th January 2005):
Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions LLC.
Post-graduate Research Assistant (15th January 2002 - 30th September 2004):
University of Wales Aberystwyth, Department of Physics.
Physicist (15th June 1998 - 31 December 2000):
Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Directorate Antarctica and Islands
Tutor and Junior Lecturer (1994-1996):
University of Pretoria, Department of Chemistry
Laboratory Assistant (1991-1992):
University of Pretoria Flow Analysis Laboratory
Soldier (1987-1989):
SADF: 6 SA Infantry Battalion


Magister Scientiae(Chemistry), University of Pretoria, 11 September 1998.
Baccalaureus Scientiae(Honores)(Chemistry), University of Pretoria, December 1993.
Baccalaureus Scientiae, University of Pretoria, December 1992. Major in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry.
National Senior Certificate, Department of Education, Administration House of Assembly, 1986 & 1987.


Dr Eleri Pryse
Senior Lecturer

Institute of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
University of Wales Aberystwyth
SY23 3BZ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1970 622801
e-mail: sep@aber.ac.uk

Dr Duncan Cromarty
Antarctic Expedition leader

734 Tenth Avenue
Wonderboom South
Tel: +27 82 660 5234
e-mail: adcrom@icon.co.za

Professional membership:

Associate member of the South African Chemical Institute
Member of S2A3, the Southern Africa Society for the Advancement of Science.
Member of the South African Radio League.



S E Pryse, L Kersley, D Malan, G J Bishop
Parameterisation of the main ionospheric trough in the European sector
Radio Science: Accepted

Leonard Kersley, Daniel Malan, S Eleri Pryse, Ljiljana R Cander Ruth A Bamford, Anna Belehaki, Reinhardt Leitinger, Sandro M Radicella, Cathryn N Mitchell, Paul S J Spencer.
Total electron content — A key parameter in propagation: measurement and use in ionospheric imaging.
Annals of Geophysics, (2004), V47, No 2/3 Supplement.

D Malan and H Moraal
The effect of wind on pressure correction of the SANAE neutron monitor counting rate.
South African Journal of Science, (2002), V98, p278

Jacobus F van Staden, Cornelius J Hatting and Daniel Malan
Simultaneous flow injection determination of ammoniacal nitrogen and chloride in industrial effluent water with a combined on-line gas diffusion/dialyser unit.
Fresenius's Journal of Analytical Chemistry, (1995), V351, p758-761

JF van Staden and D Malan
Non-linearity with metal - metal indicator complex reactions in flow-injection analysis.
Talanta, (1996), V43, p881-888

Jacobus F van Staden and Daniel Malan
Simple Convenient Method for Measuring injection Volumes in Flow Injection and Sequential Injection Analysis.
Analytical Communications, (1996), V33, p339-341

Poster presentations:

S E Pryse, L Kersley, D Malan, G J Bishop

"Parameterisation of the main ionospheric trough in the European sector."
Ionospheric Effects Symposium, 2005.

D Malan and N Jakowski
"Comparison of radio occultation and ionospheric tomography
observations over Western Europe." COST271 Action Third Workshop "Significant results in COST271 Action"

L. Kersley, D. Malan, S.E. Pryse and Lj. R. Cander
Further investigations on the verification of TEC measurements by different techniques.
COST271 Action Third Workshop "Significant results in COST271 Action"

D Malan and JF van Staden
"Analysis of Mixtures of Halides by Flow-injection with Solid-state Ion-selective Electrode Arrays"
Analitika '94, Second National Symposium on Analytical Science.

D Malan and JF van Staden
"Simultaneous determination of fluoride and chloride with a FIA-ISE system"
The 33rd Convention of the South African Chemical Insitute.
December 1997

Oral presentation:

L Kersley, D Malan, S E Pryse Lj R Cander and R Bamford
"Progress towards verification and validation of TEC observations over Europe"
Second COST 271 Workshop
September 2002

D Malan and H Moraal
"Using space technology to measure atmospheric thickness"
45th Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics
4-7 July 2000

Thesis supervised:

KS Maletsoa
"The effect of wind on pressure correction of the SANAE neutron monitor counting rate"
February 2000
Study Advisor: Prof H Moraal
Deputy Study Advisor: Mr D Malan


An account of my military experiences is being published on the WWW.

I wrote a newsletter for SANAE 38

I wrote a newspaper article about a solar flare, that was published in Beeld, 16 August 2000

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